Background filtered noise generator aka Noise constructor

Download win32 binary, upload timestamp: 2010-01-17 22:20
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	Individual left/right parameter curves for certain filters when needed.
	Implement delay parameter (in order to be able to simulate 3D sound positioning - kinda HRTF).

 	Really smooth sound when jumping to other position while playing (without stream reinitialization).
 	Smooth immediate sound change when modifying curves while playing (there was issues and glitches).
 	Filter frequency below 0 is clamped to zero.
 	Fixed play position "wrapping" on 46min. (Windows XP waveOutGetPosition bug).
 	Current position in status bar
 	Fixed buggy curve out tangent behaviour near node[0].
 	Amplitude curve parameter implemented.
	Fixed locked scrolling while editing (moving) nodes.
	Fixed paste (snapping haven't being applied).
	Added Disabled state for parameter graphs which aren't working for particular filter.
	Fixed Frequency Response vizualizer resizing (with form resizing).
	FR Visualizer antialiasing improved + kind a of transparency.
	Fixed exception while closing.
 	Logarithmic scale for Frequency Response visualizer + asort of antialiasing for overall FR.
 	Fixed time position jumping while playing.

keywords: volutar noise constructor arbitrary spectrum colored background filtered noise generator program bwgen sbagen hemi-sync binaural isochronic dynamic parameter curve pink brownian shaped

here is sound example (2.7mb)

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