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dxs_SpinEdge.p Ultimate edge spin. FREE.
build of 7 feb 2005 (x86, LW 7.5, 8)
build of 21 jan 2013 (x64, LW 10,11)
Spins common edge of adjacent polygons (anykind, but not more than 1024 vertices) Trying to preserve discontinuous UVs if UV edge is also common. Affected by symmetry mode. If symmetry mode is off - spin all pairs in same direction no matter where these pairs are, elswere spin them mirrored (+-X), to preserve symmetry. Repairs normals, if need. It have two instances: clockwise and counter clockwise. You may bind and use both of them, or prefered spin direction.
- When pairs are selected on one side (without symmetry mode) and using plugin with symmetry mode ON, if mirrored situation appear, modeler will autoselects symmetrical polygons.
- When common edge isn't really common on UV map(s), strange "hanging" UV vertices may appear.

dxs_UVswitch.p Switch active UV (continuous) for multi UV vertex. FREE.
build of 17 jan 2005 (x86)
Picture will say you more :)

dxs_SplitEdge.p Splits edge on a half. FREE.
build of 8 feb 2005 (x86)
build of 21 jan 2013 (x64, LW 10,11)
Splits edges of adjacent polygons. Splitted triangles become triangulated, other not. Discontinuous UVs are preserved.

dxs_EdgeRelax.p Triangles edges relaxation. Triple Optimizer. FREE.
started on 9 feb 2005
build of 18 feb 2005 (x86) BETA2
build of 21 jan 2013 (x64, LW 10,11)
Checks each triangle pair on Delaunay criteria. If it fails - swap edge.
Issue when inter-swap can happen (potentially infinite loop) is solved.
Not planar tri pairs has issue, when edge goes wrong (near 90 degrees) [SOLVED].
Optimized, working by one click.
24574 edges / 23606 spins = 6.6sec.
Maximum iteration count set to 100 (more than enough). Discontinuous UVs may become distorted (they aren't being restored as in "SpinEdge"). Surfaces and color/part tags are also may float away from initial position.

- Hard edge angle (requester): marks "NOT SPINNABLE" all edges, which angle is less than requested.
- Iteration limit (requester): If shape is too complex (too much triangles) and plugin works too slow with them, or you want to watch iteration changes.
- mail me if you have more ideas about it :)

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